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Competitor pricing comparison chart

Users Uservoice Getsatisfaction Zendesk
x 1 $199/mo. $49/mo. $99/mo.
x 2 $199/mo. $98/mo. $198/mo.
x 3 $199/mo. $147/mo. $297/mo.
x 5 custom $245/mo. $495/mo.
x 10 custom $490/mo. $990/mo.
$199 plan is very limited comparing to UE
  • * Note that UserEcho pricing based on our Universal service plan.
  • * UserVoice, GetSatisfaction and Zendesk pricing based on their service plans which has less functionality than our Universal plan.
  • * We are trying to keep this comparison in actual state, contact us if you find any errors, we will update chart.