Added bunch of features, new search, dutch language, advanced filtering ...

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Most important updates are:

End-user changes

  • We completely rewrote our internal search engine. Now it's more faster, added support of words stemming for English and Russian version. Search for similar feedbacks will starts search when user typing new feedback. This increase value of quality feedback and helps to avoid duplicates.

  • added support for Dutch(Nederlands) language (view)

  • filters on project page become more advanced
  • for now, instead overall amount of votes, system displays difference beetween positive and negative votes
  • "captcha" not required now for autorized users on feedback submit form
  • for now, users have ability to edit their feedback and comments until 2 hours after submitting feedback
  • ability to delete account

Admin added:

  • new status for "thanks" feedback, that allow hide old "thanks" in active feedback filter
  • admins now can edit customer comments
  • more informative email notification for new "feedback/comment" became available for all paid plans
Sergey Stukov
Со-основатель UserEcho, Предприниматель, Django/Python эксперт.