Google Launches native G Suite application for UserEcho

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Log in to UserEcho directly from your G Suite Dashboard, this helps you easily access your favorite Apps all in one place.

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Detailed instructions from Google how to setup integration with UserEcho and G Suite

Official Google press release

Google now offers a lot of pre-integrated SAML applications, including UserEcho. SAML, an industry standard for Single Sign-On (SSO), gives you more control over the accounts that your employees create.

Large enterprises often use SAML to:

  • Better secure the company’s information from front-door security breaches.

  • Set up security policies to ensure stronger passwords.

  • Decrease IT costs associated with forgotten passwords.

  • Retain access to important documents when an employee leaves.

SAML also increases convenience for your end users—they can use existing credentials and receive the apps they need without setting up another account.


Secure your accounts—install UserEcho through the SAML Apps Catalog today!

Sergey Stukov
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