January updates to UserEcho, we become multilingual

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We want to thank everyone who has sent us suggestions and comments for their ongoing contribution to improving our service.
Most important January updates are:

  • Russian translation (view)
  • added faq section on site (view) feel free to ask new questions
  • new service plan Opensrc - it's completely free for opensource projects

Admin added:

  • after creating project users gets email with setup instructions
  • improved widget code generator

End-User added:

  • after activation user become authomatially authorized
  • share your feedback on twitter or facebook
  • ability to hide inactive feedbacks


  • fixed almost all known ie6 issues
  • fix bottom part of screen overapping in user view mode
  • after updating status it's not changed via ajax only after page refresh, works fine now
  • now able toupload logos with non latin characters in name
  • after logout users was redirected on english locale, now to chosen language

Translation improved:

  • English translation
Sergey Stukov
Со-основатель UserEcho, Предприниматель, Django/Python эксперт.